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Fracture Phrazes Bless My Heart I'm Doing the Best I Can

Funny sayings, good natured humor, sly smiles and a celebration of life

One sister, one brother 

I'm Billie, and I'm the sister. And I've always thought my brother was a genius. When I about seven, I wanted to take him to show and tell so they could see a real genius. I still don't understand why he said no. I had to take a hamster. 

But many years later, he's still making me laugh...and he is a genius. Last year, he came up with the Bless My Heart, I'm Doing the Best I Can. And asked me to do a shirt. And people from all over are stopping him on the street.

So I made me one. We both wore our shirts to a Greenville Drive game this summer!! 

 A brother, a sister


We are army brats, with an Army dad who danced in his wheelchair. He served his mission ... and we want to live another mission, to laugh gently at ourselves and to love. We turn well know sayings up on their head and laugh good-naturedly at ourselves and our fallibilities -- or should I say Fall-Billie-tees. 

Seven Year Old Billie 

Our mission is to spread a little good humor, to poke gentle fun, not at others but at ourselves, to not take ourselves so seriously, and to laugh. And to love. 

Always to laugh, and to always to love!

SO Buckle up,,, let's laugh a little, let's love a little


 Love Fruit and Flowers


 We're based in North Carolina!  

Check out our tees and mugs. 

If you want to contact us, email me at billietees@gmail.com

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